Dried Casings
Dried Casings
Dried Casings
Dried Casings
  • Dried Casings
  • Dried Casings
  • Dried Casings
  • Dried Casings

Dried Casings

Brand: Tiantai
Shelf life: Sanitary and cool place shelf life of one year
Product Use: All kinds of children's sausage sausage

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Product Description

★ Enterprise purpose

From the natural win in quality, pragmatic and efficient pursuit of excellence; All the raw materials of the workshop are taken from the best pig and sheep breeding base in Sichuan, Xinjiang and other places, and the good reputation provides us with sufficient supply.

★ Enterprise philosophy

Integrity first, quality for service pride; The company's new workshop is designed and built in accordance with international health standards, and a full set of health quality control system has been established in accordance with the European Union's health control standards during production and processing. In the procurement, transportation and storage of products; Disinfection of personnel and utensils; The key aspects such as auxiliary materials and water sanitation treatment resolutely meet qualified sanitation requirements. Let our casing products become real natural, pollution-free green food.

★ Product concept

Adhere to customer demand-oriented, adhere to quality first, adhere to long-term stable supply.

★ Environmental concept

Rational water use, water conservation, no treatment, no discharge, no discharge. After pretreatment, hydrolytic acidification and biochemical treatment, the water used for casing production flows into the secondary sedimentation tank for solid-liquid separation. After the separation of solid and liquid in the secondary sedimentation tank, the salt and water are separated after the treatment by the three-effect evaporator. The effluent of crystallized salt meets the Comprehensive sewage discharge Standard and enters the municipal government sewage pipe network.

Detail display

Dried pig casings, each 2.8 meters long, well shaped, with no trachoma in diameter, low price, and excellent quality


Dry casings


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